DRC Videos | For Your Viewing Pleasure

A Day at the Range FF Style | This Time w/ Mariachi Music

BTS | Dropping Redbull Airforce into the 2022 Phoenix Open

Vodka Challenge

OPAR Trigger Overview

Product Videos

OPAR Operator Trigger | Law Enforcement

OPAR Operator Trigger | Military

OPAR Operator Trigger | Hunter

OPAR Operator Trigger | Range

The JalapeƱo | DRC Specialty Soft Goods

Pouches & Pods | DRC Soft Goods

The Tucker | DRC Soft Goods

The Bucket | DRC Specialty Soft Goods


How Opar Protects | Brodie's Story


OPAR Trigger Install | Installation Video


Rifle Tease | TBA

DRC Vlogs

DRC Vlog 1 | OPAR Trigger Development w/ Casey Hill

DRC Vlog 2 | Inventory Management & Quality Assurance w/ Marissa Brzozowy

DRC Vlog 3 | What Happens After Checkout w/ Blake Hamilton

DRC Vlog 4 | 7 x Scale OPAR Trigger

DRC Vlog 5 | Environmental OPAR Testing w/ Sean McElroy

DRC Vlog 6 | Soft Goods Research & Development w/ Wes Hatcher

DRC Vlog 7 | Using the Reactor Fusion Module w/ Anthony Palazzetti

DRC Vlog 8 | OPAR Test 10,000 Rounds in the Noveske Space Invader

DRC Vlog 9 | OPAR Test 10,000 Rounds in the Noveske Space Invader (Part 2)

DRC Vlog 10 | Video Production BTS w/ Josh Williams

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